What happens when your paper is accepted for publication at JBC? First, the accepted version of your files will appear as a freely available Paper in Press, usually 24-48 hours after accepting. Next, you’ll receive proofs of your paper from our production team. The final copyedited, typeset papers with all publication metadata usually appear in an issue 6-8 weeks after acceptance. Learn more about JBC's production process.

Top papers may be selected as Editors' Picks, which feature profiles of the first authors who were central to the study, and are frequently highlighted with additional expert commentary, news releases, and in our Recommended Reads newsletter.

Be sure that all of the data associated with your paper is safely stored with coherent labels/filenames in case any data integrity issues arise after publication. These issues are approached with the primary purpose of swiftly and expediently correcting the scientific record. Any allegation of inappropriate image manipulation will be investigated. Articles containing violations may be retracted after publication. Institutional officials may be notified of articles with manipulated images. Avoid problems by saving high-resolution, uncropped/unaltered versions of all data.

Read about JBC's data sharing, copyright and other policies, and learn about JBC's open access practices on our Editorial Policies page.